The Drew Goodman Podcast

Exclusive Buddy Black end of the season interview, plus stop talking about firing John Elway, and Drew doesn't know what a PSL is!

Episode Summary

Drew and Julie add their two cents on the Rockies end of the season press conference with Rockies management, along with Drew sitting down with Buddy Black for an in depth, honest interview. And yes, the Broncos are bad, but stop talking about firing John Elway! Speaking of bad, this Altitude conflict with providers is headed down a very scary path for sports fans.

Episode Notes

On the heels of the Buddy Black, Dick Monfort, and Jeff Bridich's season ending press conference, Julie and Drew have their own final synopsis of the season. Drew also address Nolan Arenado's comments of not knowing where this team is headed or what the Rockies are going to do about it. Drew also sat down with Buddy Black for a lengthy interview addressing the good ,the bad, and just downright ugly of the season. With the Broncos 0-4, and losing 8 straight games, no subject is off the table. One of the most controversial topics these days has been whether or not to fire Broncos General Manager John Elway., which both Julie and Drew think is absurd. What is also absurd, is the Broncos defense being the weakness of this team, instead of it's strength. We finish off the podcast with a game of "Would you rather," where we start off by discussing the issues between Altitude Sports and Direct TV, Comcast, and Dish Network. With the Colorado Avalanche season opener upon us, it looks like no deal is done, and nothing coming down soon. We throw in a little Drew Lock, and Drew admits he just recently found out what PSL means. Really, Drew? To ask Drew and Julie a question, just go to or contact them directly on twitter @drewgoodman42 or @juliebrowman1.