The Drew Goodman Podcast

The Broncos are still decidedly mediocre, Mark Schlereth interview part two, and sometimes people are dumb and mean.

Episode Summary

Even after the win against the Titans, Drew still thinks the Broncos are just an average NFL team. In part two of our Mark Schlereth interview, we learn how just how Mark started his tv and soap opera acting career and also his views of NFL referees. We also dive into the Daniel Hudson situation where we learn people on social media are just downright mean. Shocker!

Episode Notes

We start off the podcast with a quick recap of the Titans game. Even though they won, Drew still thinks this team is "decidedly mediocre."   We discuss once again the need to get to the bottom of why NFL referees are calling so many penalties.  It's starting to affect Drew's health and happiness!  In part two of our Mark Schlereth interview, we learn how this former NFL player made his way into TV, radio, and as an actor on a soap opera.  Mark also vents about NFL referees and people's perception of the danger of football.  We also dive into the story of Washington Nationals pitcher Daniel Hudson and why people were so upset he missed a game to be at the birth of his third child.  Rubbish, we say to that.  And finally, we wrap the podcast up with a look around the MLB playoffs. To contact Julie and Drew directly, just go to and go to the "contact" page. To contact us directly on twitter, you can find us at @drewgoodman42 and @juliebrowman1