The Drew Goodman Podcast

What are we thankful for? Rockies most comical moments over the years, our most comical broadcasting moments that may have caused us to be fired, and Lamar Jackson's special style of play.

Episode Summary

What are we thankful for? That would be laughter. We dive into the Rockies most comical moments in franchise history, which leads us into our very own broadcasting moments we can now finally laugh about instead of cry about. And no one is laughing at Lamar Jackson's play lately. Why is the NFL so hesitant about quarterback's like Jackson?

Episode Notes

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Julie and Drew! We start off the episode with our ode to Thanksgiving side dishes. The weird, the wacky, and the awesome. We dive right into the NFL with a lively discussion about why it's taken NFL team's so long to utilize quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson. We also pay tribute to MLB's Thomas Harding's list of the top ten most comical moments in Rockies history. And what are our most comical/ scary moments in broadcasting? Along the way , we have some fun George Frazier stories and a little Broncos talk mixed in. To contact Julie and Drew, just log onto our website at or contact us directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or @DrewGodman42.