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The Drew Goodman Podcast With Julie Browman

Episode Summary

Jesse Montano pinch hits for Julie Browman as she is off for her birthday. No, we don't know how old she is. And we're not asking. This week Drew Goodman and Jesse chat about the surging Colorado Avalanche and Cale Makar. Also the solid first start for Broncos QB Drew Lock. And Drew Goodman chats with someone from the younger generation about the evolving ways we consume sports. Drew's guest is his son, Jacob.

Episode Notes

Drew Goodman and Jesse Monanto discuss the impressive start to the season for the Colorado Avalanche and the impressive first start for the Broncos QB Drew Lock.  Also, how about that Brandon McManus temper tantrum before the half in the Chargers game.   Whoa.   Would that have gone over with many other coaches?  And this week Drew has a special guest, his son Jacob