The Drew Goodman Podcast

Rockies 2019....did anyone see this coming? Plus our Ryan McMahon interview, and whoever thinks the Broncos are going to win ten games is crazy!

Episode Summary

What word would you use to describe this Rockies season? Julie and Drew weigh in, and Drew spends some time with Rockies second baseman Ryan McMahon. And while we would love it if the Broncos won ten games, that might be crazy talk. We offer our perspective as the Broncos get ready for their opening game against the Raiders.

Episode Notes

Julie and Drew start off the show by asking each other what word they would use to describe the Rockies 2019 season. Here's a hint. Drew is much nicer than Julie is. We continue the Rockies talk with a discussion of what the Rockies team might look like next season after such a disapointing year. What are chances the Rockies trade a marquee player? Drew offers his thoughts. He also sits down with Rockies second baseman Ryan McMahon who not only talks about this season, but his journey to getting to Colorado. We turn our attention to football as we offer our thoughts on the Broncos season before their opener agains the Raiders in Oakland on Monday night. For those who are picking the Broncos to win ten games, Julie and Drew strongly disagree, although aren't happy to do so. They finish off the episode with an ode to the CU and Nebraska game, and the rivalry and atmosphere that used to come with it. To contact Drew and Julie, just go to their website or contact them directly on twitter @juliebrowman1 or @DrewGoodman42.